Aurora Wolpe - Qualifications & Services offered:

  • Professional Specialised Kinesiologist, specialising in Neuro Training and Emotional Kinesiology
  • Neural Organisational Technique Practitioner
  • Family Constellations Practitioner
  • Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner
  • Intuitive Healer
  • Tarot Card readings
  • Transpersonal Numerology sessions
  • Enneagram sessions
  • Energy & Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Colour Therapy and Colour Readings
  • Energy and Chakra Clearing
  • Reiki and Meditation
  • Sound Healing
  • Access Bars and Body Processes
  • Abstract Artist 
  • Dance Instructor 
  • Corporate Speaker

A little bit about me:

I work with the 'whole person' - holistically integrating all aspects that contribute to the client's health and well being.

Specialised Kinesiology is such an amazing modality! It's so wonderful to see how much better clients feel after they have experienced a session.   They always feel more relaxed, more confident and able to move forward to achieve whatever they set out to do, and able to deal with what life is sending their way.

Everybody deserves the right to be as whole and fully functional as possible - and that is the whole purpose of the session.

My youngest client to date has been a 2 week old baby! I used the baby's mother as the surrogate, and then did the corrections on the baby. It was wonderful to see the baby's reaction - she actually stopped crying and looked up at me, as if to say "thank you, I like this!"

The severity of the ailment determines the number of sessions that are required. Sometimes one session is all that is needed, but usually one needs at least 3 or 4 balances. The focus or issue needs to be dealt with in its entirety in order for the client to receive the full benefit, although even after the very first session, the client will already start feeling a positive change.

Sessions are approximately an hour long - neurologically, an hour is all that a person can handle at a time, as all the energy shifts have to be processed by the brain and subconscious.

Intuitive healing, energy healing and Specialised Kinesiology use a host of various methods, all completely for the highest good of the client.  No two sessions are ever exactly the same, as everyone is unique.  For the best results, one has to be prepared to open up, and allow all the blocked, pent-up thoughts, feelings and emotions to come to the fore and be released. Often things that have been suppressed and repressed, even subconsciously, are allowed to re-surface and then we clear it in the session. It's the most fantastic thing!

One just needs to trust the process.  Know that the session is done completely in the highest good of the client, with full integrity.  And then ... allow the shifts to start happening.  It's honestly life-changing!

I feel so blessed to have found my passion in holistic healing!

I've added various other wonderful modalities into my 'toolbox', so that a client receives exactly what they require, in that moment.  All for their greatest good and highest potential!



  • My practice is in Parkhurst
  • My cell number is 083 251 0029 
  • My email address is

Please contact me so that you too can experience how wonderful a healing session can be, whether it's Specialised Kinesiology, Neural Organisational Technique, Family Constellations, Integrated Energy Therapy, or any of the other modalities that can come up in a session.  

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