Enneagrams are Personality Types.  There are 9 Enneagram numbers, and each person has a priority Enneagram personality.

Understanding your Enneagram Personality Type is wonderfully instrumental in changing how you deal with difficult people, or situations.  Just having the insight is such amazing information, and often assists so much with relationship issues (whether your spouse, your boss or your child)

Each Enneagram number has a 'Progression number' and a 'Regression number', as well as a 'Wing' (or two).  

In an Enneagram session, we gather all the information required: We test to see what type you are, explaining the intricasies and deal with the stresses and negative charges brought on by being that type, and experiencing life with all the other types of personalities that might trigger you.  We then work with those, clearing the stressors.  This brings about huge shifts in you and your relationships thereafter.