Family Constellations is a powerful, phenomenological modality.  

Family Constellations can be done in one-on-one sessions, or Groups, both of which allow immense healing to happen, by revealing layers of soul pain, and working on healing them on a deep soul level.  

In a Group setting, 'representatives' are chosen to represent various family members.  Representatives can also represent various abstract aspects of the person's life.  The person 'constellating' watches and sees how things unfold, and the truth of what's happening is revealed.  It's always, without fail, incredibly powerful, often extremely emotional, and positive shifts are seen to be the outcome.  

By working in the morphogenic field, so much information is revealed, and therefore incredible shifts are attained, allowing for inter-generational healing, going 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.  The work that happens in the 'field' on the day, doesn't stop when the session ends.  This continues over the next few days, and even weeks or months.

Family Constellations focuses on the soul's truth rather than our interpretations within our family structure.  

"Truth" mean the heart's truth, rather than the facts, which originate from the mental realm, as in the head or the ego.  This creates deep insight and leads to great healing into many situations that are often resistant, stuck or extremely difficult to shift.  

There are often entanglements in the destiny of another soul, or misplaced loyalties, or carrying another soul's pain, to name but a few.

Family Constellations sessions can quickly and effectively reveal the unconscious forces that govern human interactions and relationships.  This systemic way of working can successfully address relationship difficulties, relationship breakdowns, as well as mental, emotional and physical health issues.

Family Constellations allows powerful and amazing shifts to be achieved, thereby allowing ancestral blocks and future dependents to also have incredible healing and live their true life paths.