Specialised Kinesiology is all about finding the triggers, defusing resistance and the defence patterns, and then putting the person, as a whole, back into complete balance.

Physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically - all these aspects of the person need to be in balance for one to have optimum quality of life.  Physical ailments generally have an emotional root; and most people are stuck in some kind of freeze/fight/flight scenario.  This needs to be cleared before complete harmony can be achieved.

Specialised Kinesiology covers many protocols, including Neuro-Training, Neural Organizational Technique (N.O.T.),  Emotional Kinesiology, Hormonal and Brain Functions, Cheirology, Iridology, amongst others.

There are genetic references to most of our brain functions and behaviours, and it is important to clear any negative patterns so that we can make clear, well informed choices that work for our highest good. Cheirology is required to make the conscious mind aware of certain genetic patterns.

What makes Specialised Kinesiology so powerful is, when necessary, doing the correction at the 'age of cause', thus getting down to the real 'nitty gritty' of what the problem is. So often, even an allergy has the root core issue of an intense emotional issue or trauma.

Specialised Kinesiology incorporates techniques and rules from many proven learnings: traditional Chinese medicine, accupressure, psychology, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, cranial/sacral therapy, flower essences, colour therapy and NLP, amongst many others. 



Specialised Kinesiology uses a technique called muscle monitoring, or muscle verification. This verification process is first cleared with many checks to allow the trustworthiness of the testing - so it's not just "yes/no" basics. This goes way deeper than Applied Kinesiology.  Basically, it's guided by the body’s innate intelligence, via the brain, via the nervous system, to send a message through to the muscle being used, to establish what the client requires.  The cells in ones body are electrically connected to the neurology in the brain via the spinal chord and central nervous system.  Muscle monitoring is a test of the brain's response to stressors, as opposed to testing actual muscle strength. We work with an indicator muscle, and when there's a stress on line, it shows with a change in the indicator muscle.  



This protocol is used to retrain the brain and the nervous system. Layer by layer, all the defense patterns, sabotage programming and suppressions that have occurred over the years, are defused - thus enabling the client to live life to the full, to be a better version of themselves and function at a more optimal level.

People so often 'pop a pill' to dull the pain, or make it disappear. (This pain could be physical, emotional or mental). However, this never helps the person get to the main cause of the ailment. The symptoms may disappear for a while, but they will most certainly manifest in another way until the basic issues are dealt with. This is where Neuro-Training helps: The person is dealt with - 'as a whole' - so that their full potential can be reached.

Neuro-Training is extremely powerful and effective.  One of the main reasons is because all suppressions (even sub-conscious ones) are found, and addressed immediately - so we can 'do life' the way we should, far more present and conscious in our daily lives.

Should a person be too young, too sore, or even unconscious, a surrogate may be used to do a session on them. Dogs and cats, and even babies, can also benefit from kinesiology in this way! 



Neural Organization Technique is another extremely powerful protocol under the Specialised Kinesiology umbrella. It's a more physical way of working. N.O.T. helps take the person out of 'Freeze/Fight/Flight' by defusing the locked-in memory banks.

A lot of work is done on cranial and sacrum fixations, usually having occurred as a result of traumatic experiences, be they physically or emotionally traumatic.  The N.O.T. procedure helps reset the body's computer memory.

The structural and biochemical systems of the person are dealt with, including the Immune System, the Endocrine System and the Digestive System. N.O.T. is also fantastic for migraines, hip displacements and neck/back pain.

N.O.T. works strictly with the Laws of Cure: meaning that the body heals from the head downwards (as above, so below) and that symptoms disappear in reverse order.

N.O.T. can also be extremely powerful for people with learning difficulties, scoliosis, back and neck pain, migraines, sinus pain, physical pain and even heartache (yes, emotional pain).

An N.O.T. session is also brilliant after a hectic physical endurance session, when injuries and niggles can and often do occur.  



The Chinese Five Elements, namely Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, are an integral part of Specialised Kinesiology.  

Each element represents various organs and emotions.  They hold many interesting facts, which help determine what the person is lacking, or where they are 'stuck'.  Each element has to be in harmony with the others. They work in cycles. If there's an imbalance (be it under-energy, over-energy, erratic or stagnant energy), this causes the whole body to be off-kilter and dysfunctional. 



This element represents four meridians, namely the Small Intestine, Heart,  Circulation Sex and Triple Warmer.  The main emotions here are love, joy and hate.


The Earth Element is all about nurturing and the sweetness of life.  The Stomach and Spleen meridians are found here.


Both the Large Intestine and Lung meridians are housed in the Metal Element.  The emotions found here are largely grief, guilt and regret.


Fear and anxiety are ever-present in this element, represented by the Kidney and Bladder meridians. 


Anger and resentment are resident emotions here.  The Gall Bladder and Liver meridians are found in the Wood element.