"At the end of 2012 I was a the end of my rope. After 15 invasive ankle surgeries over 20 years and poor results, I was struggling to cope. Not only because the surgeries did not seem to work as I was promised they would, but also because of the acute pain that came with it. Some days the pain was so bad I wouldn't even want to get out of bed and go to work and a while after my last surgery, the pain made me feel hopeless. Being that sore for so long made is hard to see reason or even to process my problem in a clear and logical way. I figured that things would never get any better. I would keep going for surgeries and keep feeling that deep bone ache/burn that I had gotten to know all too well.

Around the time when I couldn't seem to find a way forward, a friend of mine recommended that I go see Aurora for Kinesiology. I have never looked back. Kinesiology is odd, I myself am fairly odd and off-beat, but even to me this seemed on the stranger side at first. That being said, it yielded results almost immediately. 

Aurora is awesome.  She is extremely kind, caring and knowledgeable.  Even being in her presence made me feel a little better.  We spoke at length about the problem around my ankle, and how it was affecting my life.  She understood where I was coming from, exactly how to support this and make it easier for me.  She understood! (When numerous doctors did not). 

To help me Aurora did a great deal of N.O.T. and pain interventions - all of which helped tremendously. After a couple of months I started to feel like my old self again. There were deeper issues behind the pain I was feeling in my ankle. I was afraid, distrusted doctors, questioned my future, believed on some level it was my fault, kept everything to myself so I didn't make my nearest and dearest worry about me... the list goes on. So many of these things happened over the years without me even knowing about it consciously, somewhere in my subconscious all of this was lurking - almost like it was making sure I would never get better and take control of my life again. That sounds crazy, but if you have ever suffered with severe pain over years, it messes with your head so badly you question reality.

Today I find myself in a different position than a year ago. My pain has been controlled and I am living rather than just existing. All of this happened after I was told by medical professionals and surgeons that I would always experience 'discomfort' and there was nothing they could do about it without... more surgery.

Whether it is emotional, mental or physical pain, I refer people to Kinesiology. I believe it works. It has worked for me when nothing else did: not surgery, physio, bio, severe pain medications - all of the things that were recommended to me by my doctors. 

Give it a try."

.... JEANETTE STRYDOM - Dec 2013 

I have had the most fantastic experience with Aurora's healing work, both for myself and for my daughter.  We moved from South Africa to Portugal a while ago and Jamie has been struggling.  New language, new school, no friends, she was just completely overwhelmed.  Every day she was in tears and my heart broke for her.  And then Aurora came into our lives!  We did a remote kinesiology session on Jamie and the results were out of this world.  She came home from school the afternoon of our session and slept, she was absolutely exhausted.  The next day a new child woke up.  The shift in energy is incredible.  She is positive, has made some friends, speaks Portuguese all the time and is back to being a bundle of happiness.  It feels like a small miracle happened in our lives and I cannot recommend Aurora enough.

 ... SALLY ALLEN - July 2022