Transpersonal numerology is incredibly helpful in finding out certain core default potentials for one's character.  It can show so much and help guide one to their potential successes, as well as assist them to work on their shadow aspects.

Taking the person's date of birth, we work out their numbers in the 'Self', in the 'Relationship' area, in the 'World' or 'Society', and then their 'Life Path' Number.  This could be a gentle guideline, or we can go into it in great depth, and even do a full session on this.  

Always so informative and helpful.


Enneagrams are Personality Types.  There are 9 Enneagram, and each person has a priority Enneagram personality.

Understanding your Enneagram Personality Type is wonderfully instrumental in changing how you deal with difficult people, or situations.  Just having the insight is such amazing information.

Each Enneagram number has a 'Progression number' and a 'Regression number', as well as a 'Wing'.  

Gathering all the information on the Types that you're prone to do life by, and then working on the various stresses around these, can be invaluable in changing how you can continue on your path, in a more positive way. 

Enneagram work often needs to be addressed in Emotional Kinesiology sessions, and can be so beneficial for relationship dramas.